Courtesy of New Belgium Brewing Co.

Forget the Christmas treats and never-ending party appetizers this year, and head straight for the holiday beer. From holiday hops to stout sippers, we've tried as many Christmas beers as we could find to create a diverse wish list that will get any beer drinker through holiday parties, family dinners and not-so-freezing Texas winter nights. (They also make for a solid white elephant gift.)

Wintervention by Peticolas Brewing Co.

Smooth, dark and strong, this winter ale has subtle hints of nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice and ginger, which are all provided by local spice maker, Pendery's. Advice: If you drink this as your go-to beverage of the evening, you might end up under the Christmas tree. (10 percent ABV)

Find it on draft.

Christmas Ale by Abita Brewing Co.

The first sip tastes like your everyday ale, but is wrapped up with a soft fruity tone that has just the right amount of holiday spice. Add this Cajun-brewed beer to your annual shopping list -- the recipe changes every year so there's always something new to discover. (6.1 percent ABV)

Find it in six-packs of bottles.

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Samuel Adams White Christmas by Boston Beer Co.

The lightest holiday beer on the list, this unfiltered white ale tastes crisp and refreshing like your favorite pilsner. The dashes of cinnamon, nutmeg and orange peel make this an impressive plus one to any Christmas party. (5.8 percent ABV)

Find it in six-packs of bottles.

Ye Olde Christmas Ale by Saint Arnold Brewing Co.

Don't let the name trick you; this hearty ale isn't far off from a light IPA. With five different malts and a well-rounded flavor, you'll get the most out of this middle-of-the-road brew. (7.5 percent ABV)

Find it in a six-pack of cans. Saint Arnold is widely available at beer and grocery stores in Texas.

Sailing Santa by Saint Arnold Brewing Co.

An unlikely candidate, Sailing Santa manages to deliver less sugar and more spice with a delicious aftertaste and a handful of hops. Oh and Merry Christmas to you, this tasty IPA comes in a 22-ounce bomber. (7 percent ABV)

Saint Arnold is widely available at beer and grocery stores in Texas.

Celebration Ale by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

A danky American-style IPA featuring three different hops and a bright flavor built with citrus and pine aromas. The Scrooge of Christmas beers, Celebration doesn't have the flair or sparkle of a holiday beverage; it's a straightforward, delicious IPA that doesn't need a season. (6.8 percent ABV)

Find it in six-packs of bottles.

Christmas Ale by Anchor Brewing

With a caramelly sweet delivery, Anchor's ever-changing Christmas Ale packs in the wintry aromas of fruitcake, molasses and wood. This is the 42nd year for the annual brew; the recipe is tweaked just enough every year to keep Anchor fans guessing. (6.5 percent ABV)

Find it six-packs of bottles.

This is the first year Angry Santa has hit the market.

This is the first year Angry Santa has hit the market.

Courtesy of Rahr and Sons Brewing Co.

Angry Santa by Rahr and Sons Brewing Co.

Made with sugar, spice and everything nice, this ale is a gingerbread cookie in a bottle. The classic blend of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg meld together for a dessert-worthy treat that won't leave you with a stomachache. (8 percent ABV)

Find it on draft and in 22-ounce bottles.

Accumulation by New Belgium Brewing Co.

Accumulation is a white India pale ale filled with tropical fruits, bright citrus and a herbal body. It tastes much like the beloved Deep Ellum IPA. A standout of the season, this is a must-add to your Christmas wish list. (6.2 percent ABV)

Find it in six-packs of bottles.

Hibernation Ale by Great Divide Brewing Co.

Don't forget this nutty, full-bodied ale by the fireside -- it'll warm you up just as quickly. Hibernation, an English-style old ale, is a great way to end a full day of skiing or shopping, or when you just need a break from your crazy relatives. (8.7 percent ABV)

Find it on draft, in six-packs of bottles, or 12-packs of cans.

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