The craft beer scene is just that -- a scene. And it's comprised of unique individuals who share a common passion for this bubbly beverage. But no matter where you go, there will always be the stereotypical personalities that make the scene so colorful. We'd like to introduce six types of craft beer people you're guaranteed to meet.

The Hipster

An artisanal beer is just one of many fashion accessories this guy sports. From the hop-infused wax on his perfectly manicured mustache to the brewery-branded monocle he uses to inspect the viscosity of every brew, the hipster takes "beer as a lifestyle" to the max -- obnoxiousness be damned.

The Beer Snob

You're drinking a Shock Top? Don't tell the beer snob. If he or she so much as sees one on the table, you're in for an earful about the global consolidation of the beer market and how Big Beer is conspiring to ruin small business. Pinkies out y'all.

The Young Urban Couple

They graduated from fur babies to new family members, but not at the expense of their social lives. The young urban couple hits breweries and beer festivals with toddler in tow. Don't pretend you're mad about it -- that little guy is pretty darn cute in his brewery-branded onesie.

The Burly, Bearded Drinker

It's taken years for this dude to grow a prize-winning beard and beer belly. (Yes, there's a human under all that facial hair.) You'll find him ordering the highest ABV beers in the tiniest glasses; consider it the art of proportion.

The Woman You Shouldn't Underestimate

Don't try man-splaining ABVs or IBUs to this gal. She's spent just as many nights drinking with the boys as she has researching the nuances between a stout and porter. And for all you know she has a batch of beer bottle-conditioning at home.

The Drunk Frat Dude

Who says you can't play beer pong with an 11 percent ABV brew? Drinking beer is supposed to be about fun, right, bro? Just watch your step when the drunk frat dude starts spilling everywhere.

Illustrations by Michael Hogue

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