Jardinier is a new Belgian-style pale ale from The Bruery. 

Jardinier is a new Belgian-style pale ale from The Bruery. 

The Bruery


BREWERY: The Bruery, Orange County, Calif.

STYLE: Belgian-style ale; a broad style ranging from light to medium body and hops character, often with yeastiness and refreshing acidity.

THE PITCH: This well-carbonated beer pours a big creamy head, releasing citrus, floral and grassy aromas. The flavor is bright and fruity, with yeast, floral and spice notes. The slight sweetness is balanced by assertive hops flavors. It's crisp and refreshing, with hops bitterness lingering into the dry finish.

FUN FACTS: Jardinier is French for gardener. This new year-round offering from the Bruery was inspired by the fresh, easy-drinking beers served with meals in Belgium. Four other beers in the Bruery's lineup are available in Dallas for the first time this month as well: White Oak, Or Xata, Mischief and So Happens It's Tuesday (the latter sold out quickly).

SERVE IT, PAIR IT: Easy to drink on its own, but also a good food beer. The Bruery suggests pairing it with avocado toast, clams, leg of lamb and crisp-roasted Brussels sprouts.

GET SOME: Available in 25.4-ounce bottles for about $8 at Central Market, Market Street, Total Wine, Spec's, Whole Foods Market and many small stores with large selections of craft beers.

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