It's never a bad time to get into comics. You love the characters, the movies and the fandom, so why not start now?

With so many series and publishers out there, it might be tough to narrow down what you want. That's where we can help. Each week we'll profile the must-have comics for the week and recommend some jumping-on points for you to get reading.

This week's pulls are:

Justice League #2 | DC Comics

Scott Snyder, Jorge Jimenez, Alejandro Sanchez

We haven't been this excited about a Justice League series since Geoff Johns shepherded us into the New 52. Powerhouses Scott Snyder and Jorge Jimenez are bringing more big guns this week with Justice League #2, which picks up from an explosive first issue that will no doubt set the scene for the future of the DC Comics universe.

Though, it'll be interesting to see how this series leads into Heroes in Crisis, the newest event announced by DC, from Tom King and Clay Mann. Expect it to be dark, but at least we can have a bit of fun with Snyder and co. as they try and patch up the Source Wall first. Yeah... that will go well.

Skyward #3 | Image Comics

Joe Henderson, Lee Garbett, Antonio Fabela, Simon Bowland

Here we are again. Thankfully, with only its third issue debuting this week, you can still jump in on one of the best indie debuts of 2018. Skyward is a different kind of post-apocalypse, one that imagines a world with messed up gravity and a society that has grown accustomed to weightlessness. And if you're bummed about Lucifer's cancellation (and excited for its Netflix return!), then you'll be pleased to hear that showrunner Joe Henderson writes this book.

It's relatable, diverse and packed with character, so don't be surprised if we talk a lot about Skyward in the months to come. Though, you could always wait for the trade paperback. Or buy both, your choice.

X-Men Gold #30 | Marvel Comics

Marc Guggenheim, David Marquez, Matthew Wilson, Cory Petit, Phil Noto

The wedding of the century is here -- well, sort of. Look, by now you might realize that it's been spoiled who actually gets married in this issue of X-Men Gold, but we're not in the business of spoiling it for you. We can say that, all things considered, we were pleasantly surprised and hope you will be too.

All this aside, wedding issues are fun! Marvel Comics has a long history of making these things actual events, and we can't help but smile every time one pops up. And though it might not be as high-profile as DC's big July wedding, it should be a joy nonetheless. And with X-Men Gold ending later this year, maybe it's one last hurrah for the Kitty Pryde-led team.

Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 | Marvel Comics

Dan Slott, Valerio Schiti, Edgar Delgado, Joe Caramagna

We'd be lying if we said we weren't excited to see what Dan Slott and Valerio Schiti have to bring to the Iron Man cast of characters. Think what you want about Slott and his historic run on Spider-Man, but we can all agree that the man knows how to shake things up. And while Tony Stark had a bit of a bounce-back with the Brian Michael Bendis/Sara Pichelli series, we're excited to see what comes next. 

Based on the book's title, we imagine we're going to go deep into who Tony Stark is and what it means for him to be Iron Man. You might think it's tired, but it's exactly what the character needs right now.

Want to catch up? Here's the selected collected edition of the week

Dark Nights Metal: Dark Knights Riding Hardcover | DC Comics

It's big, it's bold and it's kind of incredibly insane. And yeah, you've probably hear me go on and on about this series for a bit now, but it doesn't change the fact that these hardcover collections are pretty darn nice to have on a shelf.

This edition collects each of the evil, Dark Multiverse Batman one-shots in a neat little holographic package. 

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