Whether you're a fan or not, this week in comics belongs to Deadpool.

The Merc with a Mouth and now with his own feature film has been slaying this weekend's box office. Originally predicted to make almost $60 million in its opening weekend, Deadpool is on track to break $130 million before Sunday's end. That's big, especially for an R-rated film.

So big, in fact, that it had the biggest opening day for any R-rated film in history at $47.5 million, easily beating last year's Fifty Shades of Grey.  And while DC continues to try and understand what it's doing with its cinematic universe and Marvel drops breadcrumbs for Captain America: Civil War, Fox scores big with Deadpool.

No matter which side you're on, here are some must-reads for this week.

Batman #49

It was only a matter of time before we got Bruce Wayne back as Batman. Unfortunately, that time is still yet to come. This week's Batman #49 takes a long look at what it takes to be Batman, and examines Bruce Wayne's fail safe for remembering the hero he once was. That fail safe? Alfred.

Yes, Bruce Wayne breaks Alfred's heart in this issue, but only as a necessity. We are shown alternate universe Batmen. In one world, Bruce has taken over the Court of Owls and rules Gotham into Eutopia. We don't like that one. It's odd, but allows the story to progress without actually showing us what's really happening. We feel bad for Alfred, of course, but what is Batman without Bruce Wayne? Hopefully we'll find out next issue.

Batman/Superman #29

I like this thing DC has been doing with the last couple of issues of Batman/Superman, offering us a look at back at some untold adventures between Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. This one has the two flying into space to solve the unlikely murder of a giant reptilian girl. The culprit? Her even larger reptilian father. It's pretty messed up.

But these few issues, especially this one, have been a stand out for the series, and just go to show how much we want the classic Batman and Superman back. Also, Lobo shows up here, and though he looks a bit different than he has the last few years and his solo series was cancelled, it's nice to see him being a huge jerk again. With the final issues of most of DC's New 52 series on their way out in the next few months, things can only go up from here.

Darth Vader #16

If you weren't already convinced of the grueling and unrelenting villainy of Vader, then this issue is for you. Not only does Vader bring the remains of a rival to the Emperor himself, but he infiltrates a Rebel mining facility and quite literally melts them all. You can read to find out how. 

As a series so far, now a couple of arcs in, Darth Vader shows more promise than ever. Before, he was tied to Aphra, his almost sidekick, but now that she is nowhere to be found, he cares little for human life. And writer Kieron Gillen gets this about Vader. And it's villainy only matched by the Dark Side itself.

Ultimates #4

If you haven't read this series yet, you best jump on now, because things keep getting bigger and bigger. Writer Al Ewing has crafted a powerhouse squad of the finest celestial superheroes out there. Blue Marvel, Black Panther, Ms. America and Captain Marvel are just a few of the new Ultimates, and in this issue they travel outside of time and space to the Neutral Zone.

After curing the world eater and setting their sites on fixing the time stream, the Ultimates have found themselves in a pickle with the Anti-Man. But as Ewing continues to reintroduce some of the biggest cosmic entities in the Marvel universe, the story only gets more and more important. Also, the art is fantastic.

Old Man Logan #2

Man, this series is going places. Which is surprising, considering it's a sort of continuation of a stellar miniseries from Mark Millar. The last thing anyone could have imagined would be sending Old Man Logan into the past. But hey, it works. In this issue, Logan goes toe to toe with The Hulk, but not the Banner he's planning on killing.

Yeah, Logan stabs Amadeus Cho, the new, Totally Awesome Hulk, a bunch of times before realizing that it's not his buddy Bruce under there. Scared, Logan runs off, only to find himself in the cross hairs of everyone's favorite Hawkeye. But can you guess which one? This is a must-read.

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