It was a rather slow news week in the world of comics, with Marvel showing off some more stuff for its television properties and DC gearing up for their film universe some more.

Marvel revealed promotional images for season 3 of Agents of SHIELD, finally giving us a look at Daisy Johnson AKA Skye AKA Quake's superhero costume. It looks great.

We also got some news on Jessica Jones, found out a familiar face is headed back to Daredevil and a Reddit user may have uncovered a huge spoiler for the upcoming Luke Cage series.

DC didn't have too much, but what they did have is a megaton. It looks like a Blue Beetle/Booster Gold film is in the works, and if you don't know who Blue Beetle is, then you've got some assigned reading to do.

Also, the Tumbler from The Dark Knight Trilogy is coming to Batman: Arkham Knight as DLC. That's pretty cool.

No matter which side you're on, let's take a look at this week's offerings:

Marvel Comics

Star Wars #9

Jason Aaron has crafted a wonderful story that takes place just after the end of A New Hope. Sure, Han Solo has a wife and that's pretty weird, but we get some great insight into how Luke learns his way around the force.

This issue has our favorite Skywalker captured by a Hutt, one much more powerful than Jabba, (In terms of strength, not power or ability to be really gross) and he just loves collecting Jedi relics. And so, Luke is introduced to Magnaguards from the Clone Wars and Jedi Holocrons from some fan-favorite Jedi, including Shaak Ti (R.I.P.)

Infinity Gauntlet #4

The Nova family continues their search for the Infinity Stones, and Thanos is looking to befriend them. But Thanos is playing the long game, and plans to kill the family once he has the stones. That's just like Thanos.

This Secret Wars tie-in has been alright, but it feels very bleak. The crafty insertion of characters like Groot and Star-Lord are entertaining, but they haven't offered too much to the story.

Adam Warlock, however, looks awesome with his redesign.

Captain America: White #1

The long-awaited Captain America story by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale that many say was "frozen in time" is finally here, and it's pretty darn good.

So far, the story has been all setup, but it does a great job of showing us just how much Steve Rogers cares for his teenage companion Bucky Barnes, and often sees himself as a father figure to the boy.

But the revelation is that Bucky is dead, Cap is unfrozen and he is wondering why it's not 1945 anymore. The best part about this $5 issue is that it's chockfull of prints, sketches, letters and dedication to comic history and the making of this long lost series.

All-New Hawkeye #5

As this issue ties up the first volume of Jeff Lemire's Hawkeye series, we're left with a bunch of set up for volume two, set to debut later this year. The new series will have a much older Clint Barton (and Pizza Dog) and a middle-aged Kate Bishop looking to remedy past mistakes.

Based on this issue, one of those mistakes is turning over the three, horribly mutated super weapon children they were taking care of, to Hydra. I guess something really bad happened. Oh well, bring on Old Man Hawkeye!

Other releases to look out for: Guardians of Knowhere #4, House of M #3. Spider-Verse #5, Secret Wars Journal #5

DC Comics

Superman Wonder Woman #24

The series with plenty of build up continues to build up this week as Superman is finally able to free his friends from the clutches of an obscure prison he's never been to before. Wonder Woman has also been interrogating his friends, but for good reason.

It looks like this series and Action Comics seem to be building to a point, but it's hard to tell when they come out during different weeks. One thing is for certain; the creepy shadow people and Vandal Savage are involved, so it can't be good.

Robin: Son of Batman #4

Oh, how long we have waited for Damian Wayne to get a series of his own, and he really does own it. With an ensemble cast consisting of the young children of assassins, Damian does work now that his dad has no idea who he is.

Guest starring in this issue? None other than Deathstroke, looking to settle a score. And little Robin goes toe to toe with him before paying him off to back off of his friends. Bruce Wayne would be proud.

The last page has an interesting twist, so I won't spoil pit. I mean it. No, I meant pit.

Harley Quinn #20

Is anyone sure whether Harley Quinn is a hero or villain right now? Anyway, this issue has Harley headed to Hollywood to find the daughter of a client. She finds her, gets her shot in the foot and then meets some cowboy dude.

There's an interesting guest star here too, Deadshot. He looks pretty pissed, and things don't end too well for her cowboy pal, but we'll have to see where this goes next issue.

Wonder Woman #44

It looks like Wonder Woman is on the run, as someone or something is out shake up things with Olympus. She's having trouble fitting in and she doesn't quite understand why. This series has her finally finding a friend that might help, and she gets a cool new civilian costume.

But she's also visited from Gods of Olympus and told of an investigation going on. It seems that someone is out to get her, and the last page of this issue gives us a strong hint of who that may be. Sibling rivalry, maybe?

Other releases to look out for: Dr. Fate #4, Bizarro #4, Martian Manhunter #4, Green Lantern: The Lost Army #4

Winner - Marvel Comics

Well, it looks like Marvel is going to have to take this week. Between the long-awaited Captain America: White and the greatness that continues to be Star War, Marvel has shown that it refuses to back down, even on a slow week.

With "All-New, All-Different" Marvel prepping to launch over the next couple of months, we'll have to see where most of these characters end up, especially Pizza Dog. For DC, good on them for keeping series like Robin: Son of Batman interesting. Let's hope things are a bit more neck and neck next week.

Indie Spotlight

Each week we'll put up one independently-published comic we think you should read. This week it's...

Sex Criminals #12

Sex Criminals is the type of book that gets banned. In fact, it's banned for digital sale on both iPhone and Android, as advertised on the latest issue in the series.

This creator-owned property from the Eisner-award winning writer Matt Fraction has to do with people who can freeze time post-sex. I won't go into too much detail, but the story is quirky, weird and a full-on character drama. This is an explicit book though, so proceed with caution.

(But really, read it. It's great)

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