Courtroom sketch artist Jane Rosenberg didn't have to, but she apologized anyway after her drawing of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was skewered by most everyone with photo-editing software. 

Brady is in a New York federal court appealing a four-game suspension for his part in the deflation of footballs that were used in the AFC championship game in January. (Cowboys fans should take note because, if his appeal is successful, he could be back against Dallas on Oct. 11.) 

Jane Rosenberg explains her sketches to CBS of New York (screen capture)

Jane Rosenberg explains her sketches to CBS of New York (screen capture)

Rosenberg, a 35-year veteran of courtroom sketches, is providing quick-sketch pastel artwork for her media clients. Her depiction of Brady had the Internet howling and was the subject of memes, tweets and other methods of social-media shaming. 

"I feel really bad when I do a bad sketch," Rosenberg told CBS of New York. "I don't like being criticized." And then she sounded a little sarcastic: "And I think maybe I'll go home and kill myself. I apologize for not making him look pretty enough to the world." 

Rosenberg did take a swipe at her critics, however. 

"If someone else can do a better job, let's see. Show me," she told CBS. "It is kind of cute and fun. I'm glad people have time to make art. I guess people aren't very busy." Well, they aren't. And here are a few examples of those who have the time.

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