May -- what?

May -- what?

Screenshot of TMZ video

Boxer Floyd Mayweather made a star-studded appearance at a Dallas nightclub Friday night in front of more than 1,000 fans. 

But some of the swimsuit-clad women in attendance had a little trouble spelling Mayweather's last name. TMZ reports the letters got a little jumbled -- oops! 

"Then they got it fixed," says Tam Hamilton, who was at the party Friday night and is co-CEO of a company called the Men of Business, which promoted the event at Medusa nightclub on Friday.

Mayweather's appearance was a victory party after his much-anticipated fight against Manny Pacquiao. Mayweather didn't drink; he just "hung out" during the several-hour event, Hamilton says. All the tables in the venue were sold out. 

"Everybody came to see him," the promoter says. "Unless you go to Vegas, you pretty much aren't going to see Floyd Mayweather."

TMZ reports that Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle and Dallas Mavericks center Bernard James were also in attendance.

See photos from the evening on Medusa's Facebook page.

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