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Branded spirits are becoming one of the best promotional avenues for celebrities, and Gas Monkey Garage founder Richard Rawlings recently became the latest North Texan to hop on the bandwagon with the release of cinnamon tequila.

The liquor is 100 percent blue agave infused with cinnamon extract, according to specs we received recently from the Gas Monkey camp. It retails for $34 and is currently available in Texas. Gas Monkey plans to distribute the tequila to Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and California by the end of June. (If you don't drink, you can still be part of the Fast N' Loud family with a branded license plate, copy of Rawlings' new autobiography or a trip to any one of his entertainment venues.)

Local chef Dean Fearing also debuted an original tequila in May called Fearing's Barrel Select, an añejo tequila created in conjunction with Patrón. Lone Star personality Kinky Friedman has one too. Even Dallas icon J.R. Ewing has a branded bourbon.

Since putting a famous name on a bottle of booze is totally a thing, we have five suggestions for other North Texas celebs that should get in the game.

Big Tex Blazin' Saddles habenero-infused vodka, it will set you on fire #neverforget 

Kelly Clarkson's Original 151-Proof Rum, 'cause what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

Reunion Tower Head in the Clouds Gin, it's ballin'

Jerry Jones' Moneybags Brandy, rich and aged just like the legend

Miranda Lambert's Little Whiskey Wagon, try to keep up with this backyard stagger

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