Reddit user Ranzok via Imgur

Sometimes people on the Internet make magical discoveries -- and a lot of them are related to video games. (Remember when Twitter freaked out because Taylor Swift looked exactly like the Super Mario Bros. character Rosalina? Those were good times.) Today, the discovery of note is that Rihanna has been secretly cosplaying as various Nintendo characters for years.

Well, OK, the similarities probably aren't intentional, but Reddit user Ranzok posted a thread on the /r/Funny subreddit saying, "My girlfriend discovered that Rihanna is systematically cosplaying as all the characters of Mario Party." The resulting images were shocking.

Reddit user Ranzok via Imgur
Reddit user Ranzok via Imgur
Reddit user Ranzok via Imgur

You can find more comparison images on Ranzok's Imgur gallery, including an impressive could-be take on Bowser.

Naturally, that had other users hunting for more.

One Reddit user said, "Can't wait to see her Donkey Kong," to which  RamsesThePigeon replied, "She already did."

User z64dan said "She tried [an] Ice Climber..."

How deep does Rihanna's Nintendo devotion go?!?

You can follow the original thread on Reddit, where I imagine more comparisons will be made.

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