In the last few years, whiskey has grown in popularity. With so many brands available and new distilleries emerging or redefining themselves, it's easy to get overwhelmed with all the options. This column is here to help you learn the basics of various whiskies, scotches and bourbons before you invest in a new bottle.

The spirit: Captain Morgan Private Stock

It is often thought that cigars and scotch are the perfect combination. However, I have been told by many people that I respect highly that rum is a better spirit with a fresh cigar. I was told to think about where the majority of cigars are made; then ask yourself what else is made in that region. (Spoiler alert: it's rum.) 

As far as good sipping rums go, Captain Morgan Private Stock is by far one my everyday favorites. I see that a lot of people put down it because is unaged and have the words "captain" and "Morgan" on the bottle. These people are being foolish. You can spend a lot more on rum and still not get one as smooth, spicy, and perfectly sweet as Private Stock.

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Here's what to expect...

Nose: Caramel with hints of candied spices, but the vanilla dominates

Taste: Vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and brown sugar, and a little oak spice

Finish: There are the spice and oak and of course, some caramel left over, but it is the vanilla that takes over. 

Recommended? Yes, if you like vanilla.

Price: $40

Booze News Insider Josh Hart is an amateur reviewer, but a professional drinker. He has been sipping and learning about whiskeys for a more than a decade and hopes to help you sift through the basics, to find the best bottles for you.

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