Many of my friends are fans of this Jamison 12 expression, so I bought two bottles and had my mates over to sit around and experience that we will never be able to have again -- namely, sip on whiskey that won't be here this time next year.

I was sad to get off of a call with American Jameson ambassador Conor Breen, who said the Irish whiskey producer is moving away age statements entirely, focusing instead on brands that you may have seen on your local shelves such as Caskmates and Black Barrel.

You read that right: No more age statements on Jameson bottles going forward.

The thinking is that that an age doesn't tell you much about what's inside the bottle. You'll still be able to find limited expressions such as Jameson 18 on store shelves, but if you're lucky enough to find some Jameson 12, be sure and snatch one up; as a matter of fact, grab two. You'll thank me later.

Jamison 12 is matured in a combination of Oloroso sherry casks and bourbon barrels. The 12 years that it took to mature allows for a smooth and balanced whiskey that delivers robust notes of spice sherry and toasted fruit.

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What you get

Nose: Intense spicy notes creating a full body aroma.

Taste: Significant sherry richness to a nutty flavor, and slightly woody undertones.

Finish: Warm and long-lasting.

Price: $71.99

Recommended? Yes!

Booze News Insider Josh Hart is an amateur reviewer, but a professional drinker. He has been sipping and learning about whiskeys for a more than a decade and hopes to help you sift through the basics, to find the best bottles for you.

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