The Kickstarter Gods have smiled upon me, and I finally received my new game -- Thinking & Drinking!

The game is along the lines of Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity -- evident from the tagline, “a game of self-discovery or self-destruction" -- but specifically geared toward beer drinkers. This game is great for a group who wants to casually play a game, without thinking too hard, but enjoying some self-exploration and belly-laughs.

Creator Jonathan Cooper said, "We created Thinking & Drinking because we're too old for so-called drinking games. When we get together with friends and family we want to talk, laugh and enjoy each others' company." This is definitely true for my group of friends.

The crowdfunding campaign has ended, but you can buy the game outright on the website and Amazon

 The rules are simple

One person draws a card and everyone else answers the question. Before you start asking who drinks at the end of each round or how to win, know there's no official way to beat the game. There's not even a wrong way to play.

The group decides on a penalty for refusing to answer (and that can be drinking if you so choose), but my group of friends enjoyed mixing it up (see the "other ways to play" options). We decided on a different set of rules per round, including voting on best answer, choosing one person to answer a question, answering someone else’s question, and each person taking a hand of four and choosing the best question. 

The game is a blast and very chill, but adding to the general fun, there are 12 Texas breweries included among the rest (though I’ve only found 8 so far), and I’ve included cards from some of my other favorite breweries.

I can definitely see a bar or brewery buying this game to add to their options, and it’s definitely a fun addition to my collection (and an easier choice for a party than a 2-hour long board game).  At $10 or less per deck, it's an easy investment for your game nights, or to stick in your car for brewery trips.

Booze News Insider Mae Rock is a craft beer enthusiast, and local brewery groupie.

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