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Welcome to a tongue-in-cheek, but sometimes super serious column documenting adventures with spirits and cocktails when out and about or from the comfort of my own home. Let's discover new things together!

I think we can all agree that as a kid everyone's favorite part of the school day was recess. How can you get back to that state of carefree now that you're an adult? There's one spot in Dallas that can help.

At gastropub Public School On Tap (PS 214) in West Village "recess" means "happy hour," and it starts at 4 p.m. There are a ton of food and drink specials ranging from $4-$7, such as a $4 hummus appetizer and $6 buffalo wings ($5 for the vegetarian version made using cauliflower in place of chicken). But what's more exciting is $5 well drinks menu, which includes bourbons like Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. A bottle of this bourbon is reasonable enough at liquor stores ($37.99 at Total Wine), but it's not often available as a well drink. Talk about a sweet deal.

Public School 214

Bourbon is a type of American whiskey that's distilled from a grain mixture that is at least 51 percent corn. This particular bourbon is straight from the banks of the Kentucky River, basically the bourbon motherland, where the Buffalo Trace Distillery is located. Buffalo Trace Straight Bourbon Whiskey smells like vanilla and molasses, with a hint of mint. It almost has a sort of sweet taste so it's not like those other bourbons that burn or taste too smoky (or what bourbon aficionados call  "peaty"). 

Even though wells are allowed a free mixer at PS 214, don't you even dare. This bourbon is excellent neat and needs nothing more. If you've never tried bourbon before, this one is a great introduction.

Booze News Insider Rachel Hart believes in the importance of expanding one's happy hour and nightcap repertoire beyond a glass of wine (although, she'll happily take one). She loves to discover creative quality spirits and cocktails and hopes you'll go on the journey with her.

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