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Beer is delicious, nutritious and fun. It's a lifestyle for some folks, especially those who work in the industry or choose to homebrew their own beer. But even if you're not looking for a career change, you too can integrate beer into your life.

Here are five things you can do with beer besides drink it.

Have beer for dinner

Chili, bread and beer-can chicken. Classics are classic for a reason -- they're delicious. We've pulled a few recipes for beer chili, bread and beer-can chicken, but there are plenty available online. You can even use a beer can to shape your burgers (and then you get to drink the beer, so really it's a win-win). 

Chocolate truffles. Indulge, you know you want to

Dog treats. One of the best uses of spent grain is repurposing for dog treats. Give the fur babies some love

Turn beer into arts and crafts

Beer, it's a lifestyle.

Beer, it's a lifestyle.

Julie Shantz,

Bottles. Something as simple as painting a bottle and rolling it in glitter can be a great way to reuse your beer bottles, but you can also cut bottles to turn them into vases or candle holders, or use them whole for lamps and chandeliers.

Cans. Keep your crafts simple by cutting the top of a can off and turning it into a planter. Or you can get a little more artsy and turn cans into flowers like the Craft Beer Bitch. (We're not sure how she did it, but if you figure out her secret, let us know.)

Wall art, papier mâché, stickers. Like anything you love, you can turn your passion into décor. Take the packaging from beer cases, six-packs and bottles and turn them into art, or go old-school by covering your fridge/bar/wall in stickers from your favorite breweries.

Beautify the beer drinker

Beer soap. The smell of your favorite brew while you take a relaxing shower -- that's heaven. You can buy beer soap online, and find local products from Texas Beer Soap Co. at many beer events around North Texas. 

Beer shampoo. Catherine Zeta-Jones uses beer for her hair, and you can, too. I'm no celeb, but I use this hop shampoo and totally recommend it. It smells amazing. 

Hop chapstick. Even if you're not into hoppy beer, you can still enjoy them in your chapstick. Old chub is a solid brew, and a SPF 15 chapstick.

Share the wealth

Expand your hoppy horizons with these 8 awesome beer apps

Bottle share. It's like a potluck, for beer! Tell your friends to bring a six-pack of their favorite beer, or a couple large bottles, and you have yourself a party. Be sure to provide some food. 

Age it. You could get a bottle of scotch the day your first child is born, but if you plan to let him/her drink it on their 21st birthday, we recommend investing in a stout. General guidelines for aging include standing the bottle up in a cool, dark place, such as an interior closet or basement (or beer cellar, if you have a climate controlled area for your beer). Check on it every six months or so to be sure the lid or cork isn't oozing, which would indicate a bad seal. To avoid this potential issue, some folks will wax their bottle, to keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff (oxygen) out.

Drink a beer a day to keep the doctor away

Fire Brewed Yoga

Prevent illness. If you're somewhere where it's not safe to drink the water (Mexico, India, Bonnaroo), drink beer. It's boiled in the brewing process, and kept cool and safe in bottles or kegs afterward, so it's safer than exposed water sources. 

Stay fit. Beer improves your cholesterol and has B vitamins. Some beers have as many antioxidants as wine as well as polyphenols, which can help prevent cancer and heart attacks, and we all know a glass a day keeps the doctor away.

Live longer. Virginia Tech researchers found that regular, moderate beer drinkers were 19% less likely to die during a given time period than people who never touch a drop. Also, beer can help prevent kidney stones, and the xanthohumal in beer can help your brain stay sharper longer. 

Of course, beer can also be used to survive family functions, meet new people and make yourself feel like you're better at dancing.

Booze News Insider Mae Rock is a craft beer enthusiast and local brewery groupie.

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