Dallas Distilleries made a splash when it launched the Herman Marshall whiskey line in 2013 -- the first locally distilled whiskey since Prohibition. In high spirits over recent international and national awards, this craft distiller and Lakewood Brewing Co. made a bold move this week: together releasing Herman Marshall Temptress Single Malt Whiskey.

Bucking tradition, this small-batch whiskey is flavored with Lakewood's the Temptress milk stout. The whiskey was brewed at Lakewood Brewing's facility and distilled at nearby Dallas Distilleries.

Aged in New American white oak barrels for seven months, this young whiskey has a light body and an enticing caramel aroma. Given a minute or two to open up, it reveals caramel, malt, roasted coffee and smoke flavors, with a bite of hops on the back end. The alcohol shows a hot edge, but a few drops of water softens it and opens up more subtle flavors, including dark cocoa. 

Serve a dram of this whiskey in a snifter or wide-mouth glass -- not a shot glass -- to bring out the flavors.

Herman Marshall Temptress is available through the holidays at liquor stores and bars in the Dallas area. You'll find it for about $59.99 a bottle at Goody Goody, Pogo's, Sigel's, Spec's, Total Wine and other stores that sell craft spirits.

Tina Danze is a freelance writer. Follow here on Twitter @Tina Danze.

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