The beer: Bulletproof Texas Pale Ale

Brewery: Audacity Brew House in Denton

Style: American pale ale. Made with American hops and malts, these ales usually show more hop character and less caramel notes than British pale ales. They are typically well balanced, and can range in alcohol level from 5 to 6 percent. The style originated in the 1980s, when the American craft beer movement took off.

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The pitch: Brewed with Texas grapefruit and a malt blend produced in Central Texas, this refreshing beer tips to the hoppy end of the American ale scale — but it's still nicely balanced. Think of it as a very drinkable IPA. It opens with a very citrusy hop aroma and flavor; the hops bitterness is tempered by a mild honey note. With a medium body and dry, crisp finish, this is a great beer for transitioning from the summer heat to the pleasantly warm Texas fall.

Fun fact: Audacity Brew House — Denton's first brewery — will celebrate its one-year anniversary on Oct. 24 at the Harvest House in Denton; for details, check the brewery's Facebook page. The brew house's tap room (open six days a week), strives for a brew-pub atmosphere, with food trucks and live music on weekends, and open-mic nights on Thursdays.

Serve it, pair it: Good on its own, and very food friendly, too. Try it with spicy foods (like Indian or Thai curries and Mexican dishes); nutty, smoky or earthy cheeses; grilled meats; and pizzas with spicy toppings — bring on the jalapeños!

Get some: About $10.49 for a 6-pack of 12-ounce cans at Whole Foods Market (Park Lane, Abrams Road and Preston Road locations); Goody Goody, Corner Stop and Parkit Market, on Greenville Avenue; Central Market on Lovers Lane; Total Wine on Central Expressway; PK's Fine Wine and Spirits on Midway Road; Hub Food Store and Super Save Liquor on Fitzhugh; Uptown Carwash; Dan's Food Store and Seven Mart Food Store on W. Davis Street; Ross Avenue Liquor on Haskell Street; C-Store on McKinney Avenue; Payless Convenience Store on N. Industrial Avenue; Pogo's; Jimmy's Food Store; and Richardson Beer and Wine, and Beverage Zone, in Richardson.

Tina Danze is a freelance writer. Follow here on Twitter @Tina Danze.

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