The beer: Easy Peasy IPA

Brewery: Deep Ellum Brewing Co. in Dallas

Style: Session IPA. IPAs have pronounced -- sometimes aggressive -- hop flavors, and usually a higher-than-average alcohol content. The session IPA is the latest popular variation of the style; it has the characteristic IPA hop flavor, but the alcohol content is low enough to make it a session beer.

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The pitch: Brewed with tangerine and lemon peel and a hefty dose of Pacific Northwest hops, this juicy IPA packs a citrusy, piney punch with its aroma and flavor. The strong grapefruit zest flavor and moderate hops bitterness give the beer a bona fide IPA flavor profile, but the lighter body and 5.2 percent alcohol content keeps it easy-drinking. This is a refreshing choice for fans of hop-forward ales, and it's perfect for summer.

Fun fact: Deep Ellum Brewing Co. plans to make this new release a year-round offering. Just after its June debut, lawyers for Flying Dog Brewery sent DEBC a cease and desist letter, claiming a similar label to Flying Dog's Easy IPA. DEBC notes on its Facebook page that the United States Patent and Trademark Office saw no cause for customer confusion when it approved Easy Peasy's label back in February.

Pair it: It would go well with grilled burgers or steak, spicy foods such as Tex-Mex and Indian curries, fried foods and salty snacks.

Get some: A six-pack of 12-ounce cans sells for about $9.99; widely available at stores and supermarkets that sell craft beers.

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