Is there anything bigger than football In Texas? 

College sports and the Dallas Cowboys are back in full swing, and football seems to be taking over Twitter feeds and TV channels. The only thing that could even come close to contending with Saturday and Sunday's football madness is Dallas' love of brunch. And there's one place where you don't have to choose between the two. 

Happiest Hour is equal parts game day hang out and top notch brunch spot. I love places like Happiest Hour; it is a get a place to watch sports, and my wife, who could not care less about sports, gets a nice brunch experience. It is a win-win.

To showcase its football readiness, the bar has some new specialty cocktails. A few of their college cocktails are as follows: for Baylor, it is the "Sic'em Sour," a whiskey drink. If you are a 12th Man fan, Happiest Hour has a Patron-based "Aggie Pick Me Up," and Tech fans are not forgotten about with the "Guns Up," a vodka- and lemon-based drink with jalapeños to garnish.

Happiest Hour also remembered the two large private universities with a vodka drink called the "Mustang Morning Shooter," and the so-sweet-its-dangerous "Horned Frog Smash."

Happiest Hour has more than just sports-themed cocktails; the restaurant's new brunch menu is also legit. The chef puts a cool spin on your classic brunch favorites, such as hotcakes, shrimp and grits, biscuits and gravy, all served Instagram ready.

Booze News Insider Josh Hart is an amateur reviewer, but a professional drinker. He has been sipping and learning about whiskeys for a more than a decade and hopes to help you sift through the basics, to find the best bottles for you.

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