All right guys and girls, it is time to awaken your inner youngster. A new Uptown restaurant has found a way to combine two of my favorite college treats into one dish: cereal and booze.

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The City Council Restaurant and Bar in Dallas (located in the old TABC) is wrapping up the development on a dynamite brunch program, and of course you'll find the usual suspects like Bloody Mary's and mimosas paired with waffles or a traditional biscuits and gravy breakfast. 

However, the real stand out here is an $8 pairing called boozy cereal

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This treat combines classic cereals with aadult milk mixes. The two that I tried recently were Cinnamon Toast Crunch with Jim Beam honey milk, and Coco Puffs mixed with a Patron XO Cafe. It's a little glass of epic.

I have to insist that you try this if you get a chance, even if you think the paring is odd -- the experience alone will blow you away. 

Here are the ingredients, so if you can't make in to Uptown and you're really brave, you can try this at home. 

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