Kevin Masterson makes a Berries and Bubbles Martini at The Ocean Prime's Blu Lounge.

 Kevin Masterson makes a Berries and Bubbles Martini at The Ocean Prime's Blu Lounge.

Amy Conn-Gutierrez

Dallas has plenty of bars and restaurants capable of of mixing your favorite drink, but few are worth seeking out for a specific menu item. Keep this collection of signature cocktails handy because each of the four following bars is known for its respective drink. Next time you're looking for a guaranteed buzz, pull out this list and enjoy.

Berries and Bubbles from Ocean Prime

Ocean Prime

Located near Victory Park, Ocean Prime serves up this pink concoction made with vodka, champagne, and dry ice more than any other drink on the menu. The refreshing champagne and crisp citrus vodka makes this drink a good starter before a night out. It's the best of both worlds -- classy and girly. Since the restaurant is walking distance from American Airlines Center, Ocean Prime is also a great spot to hit before a game or concert.

Insider Tip: The recipe is listed on Ocean Prime's website so you can make these at home, although it's never as cool as when they do it for you table-side.

Mambo Taxi from Mi Cocina

Mi Cocina

Made with an in-house frozen margarita and a thick swirl of sangria, this margarita is a near perfect blend of tequila and wine. The best part is that it lacks that bitter bite that comes with so many margaritas and goes down smooth, almost too smooth.

Insider tip: If you're at the Highland Park Village location, grab a Mambo Taxi at Monkey Bar upstairs. Many people don't know about this limited-seating addition to the restaurant where patrons can order food as well as drinks.

Whammy from Black Friar Pub

Blackfriar Pub

Begin your Uptown adventures at Black Friar Pub on McKinney Avenue and go to the upstairs bar for a Whammy. A combination of grape vodka and Red Bull, this drink is an almost dangerous mixture with little to no trace of alcohol flavor. Rest assured, it will get you in the mood to get on the dance floor.

Insider Tip: Even though they taste so so good, you may not want to have more than two. Trust me.

Beerita from Katy Trail Ice House 

Katy Trail Ice House

This one is a handful, literally. Served up in a big glass goblet, the Beerita features a margarita adorned with an upside down Coronita. It's a solid choice for enjoying 80-degree days on Katy's Trail Ice House's outdoor pet-friendly patio.

Insider tip: Don't forget to grab an order of fried jalapeno bottle caps along with your drink.

Ali Williams, Special Contributor

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