Uptown Pawn will open as part of McKinney Avenue's bustling bar district.

Uptown Pawn will open as part of McKinney Avenue's bustling bar district.

Sarah Blaskovich

Uptown Pawn isn't, in fact, a pawn shop. It's a bar in Uptown that will be decorated like a pawn shop, with vintage tchotchkes and odd antiques hanging on the wall. For added kitsch, many of those items might have price tags hanging off of them, say co-owners Alex Marko and Shyon Keoppel.

Here's how a visit to Uptown Pawn might go: Order a beer, order a Lunchbox shot (more on than in a moment) and sit down with friends. If that funky antique in the corner catches your eye, snap it up.

The operators expect to open the McKinney Avenue bar around Labor Day. [UPDATE at 9 p.m. Sept 2: It opens Saturday, Sept. 5.] Located in the former Belly and Trumpet restaurant space, Uptown Pawn has a new, expanded patio out front.  It will also have TVs inside and out, live music and DJs, and bar-style food such as burgers and wings.

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Uptown Pawn's signature shot will be the Lunchbox -- a mix of amaretto, beer and orange juice served in a mug with a shot glass frozen inside. The Lunchbox shot was one of Keoppel's favorites from a bar in Oklahoma City. He hopes to make it Uptown Pawn's "thing" aside from the vintage knick-knacks.

The guys behind Uptown Pawn are also opening new restaurant-nightclub TBD close by. In fact, they've got two new addresses in a single block of McKinney Avenue bars that includes So & So's, Urban Taco, the Quarter Bar, and Cliff's Bar and Grill.

That's all by design: "We'll tell people to stop at Uptown Pawn, then walk over to TBD and finish their night," says Keoppel.

Click on the thumbnails in the map below to see bars (red) and restaurants (blue) joining coming-soon Uptown Pawn (purple).

Uptown Pawn: 3407 McKinney Ave., Dallas. h/t to Eater for spotting it first.

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