You can't see the Walk-In here because it's located underground.

You can't see the Walk-In here because it's located underground.

Sarah Blaskovich
For years, downtown Dallas hasn't been much of a hot spot after dark, save a few great spots such as City Tavern on Main Street. In a matter of a few weeks, though, City Tavern sprouted new neighbors: gin-and-Champagne joint the Mitchell on one side and nightclub Gatsby on the other.

Expect that block of Main Street in downtown Dallas to get even buzzier in coming months. Uptown sports bar Frankie's gets revived across the street soon, and -- this just in -- a bar called the Walk-In is expected to open in June or July.

The Walk-In will be a basement bar located in the Davis Building. It comes from the same partners behind the Mitchell, who are also busy at work opening new Deep Ellum spot On Premise. (Details about that one here.)

The Walk-In will be a restaurant and bar. On the restaurant side of things, chef Brian Zenner (formerly of Oak and Belly & Trumpet) has plans for a butcher shop with charcuterie specials. On the bar side of things, the Walk-In will be a casual cocktail spot with part of its lounge located inside a bank vault. Back in the early- and mid-1900s, the basement was one of several levels operated by the "largest bank in the south," Republic Bank, according to a historical plaque.

Being underground will give the Walk-In a New York feel, says co-owner Adam Salazar. 

The Walk-In patrons will enter at a door to the right of Union Park Gastro Bar, then go downstairs.

1300 block of Main Street, Dallas. Expected to open in June or July 2015.
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